Does Medicare Cover Hearing Aids?

Are you in need of a hearing aid? As we get older, our hearing might not be quite as acute as it was in our youth. A good quality hearing aid can make all the difference in the world. Whether the hearing loss is due to age, because of an illness or injury, or any condition, getting a hearing aid can be a huge benefit. While Medicare does not always pay for hearing aids, you may be eligible for coverage in certain situations.

What Do They Cover?

Most of the time Medicare and Medicare Supplement will not cover hearing aids. They will not cover fittings for hearing aids, or even hearing exams. Thus, if you do not have other insurance, there is a chance that you could have to pay for 100% of the cost of the hearing aid out of pocket.

However, Medicare Part B can cover diagnostic hearing tests ordered by a doctor for a specific medical need. This could include a hearing loss because of a recent injury or illness. If the doctor orders the test, you would pay 20% of the amount Medicare approves and the Part B deductible. Still, they will not cover the cost of the actual hearing aid — only the cost of the test.

It is very important to realize that Medicare Part A and Part B will not pay for your hearing aid under any circumstances. That does not mean you are out of luck if you are looking for a Medicare plan though.

Medicare Advantage, or Part C, will actually cover hearing exams and hearing aids. The Advantage plans are able to provide you with far more options, features, and benefits than Part A and B, the traditional Medicare options. Those who have the option and the ability should certainly look in to Medicare Advantage just to see if it is the right program for them. The plans are all different, so go over each of them carefully to determine which option is the best for your needs.

Choosing a Hearing Aid

When you are choosing a hearing aid, it is important to make sure that you buy right. Using insurance, such as Medicare Advantage, may mean you have a limited number of suppliers from which you can choose when buying your hearing aid. Make sure you follow the rules and instructions of any insurance plan you have, just to make sure that you can choose a quality hearing aid that works well and fits your needs.